Friday, April 19, 2013

The Challenges of Research Funding

From Eddie Pelto, Director of Development

Just a few weeks ago, the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation’s grants review committee – comprising scientists and patient advocates – took on the task of deciding which of the 200 research grant applications we received would be approved for funding. PDF had the resources to fund only 10 worthy projects.

Researchers working on innovative, viable projects continually face the challenge of limited available funding. And funders, such as government agencies and foundations like PDF, have to make difficult choices based on available resources.

How can PDF meet the challenge to find sufficient funds to support the most promising research in tough economic times?

One of the ways we can do this is with a different kind of challenge, one that helps everyone.  If you have recently visited PDF’s website, you know that during the month of April, Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we are raising funds to meet the Light of Day Foundation $100,000 Challenge.

Challenge grants are funds given to a non-profit organization upon completion of certain requirements, such as raising funds. The challenge refers to the results that must be achieved before money is released.

In PDF’s case, the Light of Day Foundation asks that we raise $100,000 from our supporters and if we do, they will match all donations we receive by Tuesday, April 30!

And the best part is that with a challenge like this, everybody wins.  You are not only doubling the impact of your gift to Parkinson’s research, you are helping to double the impact of the grant maker’s gift too!

We may not be able to fund all of the applications we receive. But every bit helps us in funding more promising research until we overcome the ultimate challenge: ending Parkinson’s.

Take a look at what Bob Benjamin, Founder of the Light of Day Foundation has to say about the challenge:

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