Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thank You for Advancing PD Research

Have you ever been part of a Parkinson’s research study? This Parkinson’s Awareness Month, PDF says thank you for helping to bring about better treatments at a faster pace.

After all, the only way that new treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s can be found is by ordinary people taking the extraordinary step of volunteering in studies.

Two of our Research Advocates, Patti Meese in Arizona and Diane Cook in Colorado (see photos below), have been taking the lead in organizing forums on Parkinson’s research in their communities. Part of PDF’s signature PAIR Up for Parkinson’s Research series, the forums:
  • provide information about local Parkinson’s research
  • explain how you and your loved ones can get involved and, 
  • most importantly thank those who have participated in studies.
Many other Research Advocates across the country are also thanking study participants at support group meetings and Parkinson’s conferences big and small.

It’s central to PDF that people with Parkinson’s and care partners are included in every step of research and are given credit for their critical involvement.  We can’t say it too much: without your participation, there can be no new treatments or research toward a cure. Thanks for your commitment to moving Parkinson’s research forward!

If you live near Phoenix, join Patti at the Arizona PAIR Up for Parkinson’s Research forum.

It starts at 9:30 AM MST on Saturday, April 13.

If you live near Denver, join Diane at the PAIR Up for PD Research forum.

It starts at 8:30 AM MDT on Saturday, April 20.

Artwork courtesy of Penny Teem, participant in the Parkinson's Quilt.

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