Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday's Tip: PDF Champions

Social Media & Marketing

PDF is willing to help publicize your PDF Champions event to our community through pre and post event promotions. By keeping PDF up-to-date on your plans and progress we can help further your reach. Below is a list of PDF's media outlets:
  • Facebook/Twitter: Tell us your plans and we will help you reach a larger network of potential donors through Facebook, Twitter and of course our PDF Champions Blog! We can include your personal story, event details, webpage link and photos. Also, invite your friends to ‘like’ the PDF Facebook page so they can see updates about your event.
  • PDF Champions Fridays: Fridays are dedicated to PDF Champions! Every Friday PDF features a new Champion on its website and social media – be the next PDF Champion in the spotlight!
  • Press Outreach: Interested in reaching out to your local media? By request, PDF can assist by generating a press release with all your event details and distributing it to your local newspaper, radio or television station.
  • PDF Champions Gear: You have already received some promotional PDF gear in your Welcome Packet (a hat, banner and wristbands). Wear your gear as you prepare for your event to help increase its visibility. Be sure to submit a photo of yourself wearing your gear so that we can include it on the PDF website! PDF wants to provide you with all the resources you need – not only for fundraising, but also for building awareness of Parkinson’s disease.  PDF’s publications (including our quarterly newsletter, education brochures, etc.) can be ordered for free by visiting our Shop PDF webpage.  Other items including t-shirts and additional wristbands may be ordered at a minimal cost.
  • YouTube: What better way to tell your story than through a personal video on PDF’s YouTube Channel  explaining your fundraising event, what you hope to achieve, and your reason for joining the fight against Parkinson’s. If you are interested in going viral, PDF can supply you with instructions and a script to get you started on the road to video-making success.  Additionally, we can lend Flip Video cameras to anyone interested in creating a video, but who lack the proper equipment to do so.
To utilize PDF's media outlets please contact us me at (800) 475-676 or email me at

Remember: The Cure Begins With YOU!

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