Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Tip: PDF Champions

Obtaining in-kind donation(s) for your PDF Champions event can make all the difference! In-kind donations can help increase the amount you are able to donate to Parkinson's research by keeping your expenses down.

In-kind donations are those donations that are done in goods and services rather than monetarily.

Start by brainstorming.  The easiest way is to make a list of all your PDF Champions event expenses. Take a look and see what items you could potentially have donated. Here are some examples: food, beverages, rental fees, printing, basic supplies, etc.

Identify one sponsor that you can approach.  Inside your PDF Champions Welcome Packet you will find a sample donation letter that you can use as a guide for approaching any business to donation to the Parkinson's cause. Don't be afraid to approach any type of business, whether you have a personal connect with them or not. Companies are very willing to help out in their communities, especially when they know the proceeds will be coming to a great charity like Parkinson's Disease Foundation.

Offer to promote their business in exchange for their service. Add their logo to the invitations, t-shirts or event signage. Invite them to have a presence at the event by setting up an information table. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to ask them what would be the most beneficial for their company.

Remember: The Cure Begins With YOU!

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