Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's Tip: PDF Champions

Youngsters can be the best fundraisers!

Who needs a fundraising tip or two? Here are a few unique ideas to get your children or grandchildren involved in the fight against Parkinson’s disease…

School Read-A-Thon: First request the support of your local school (s) or PTA organization. Once you have the go ahead, students can ask family, friends and neighbors to sponsor them for every book they read. As an incentive, students can win small prizes (either bought or donated) depending on how many books they have completed! This is a great way to get children involved; encouraging them to read and raise awareness for Parkinson’s the same time.

Wii Love to Party:  Have your children invite their friends over to participate in a video game party/competition. Set up an ‘entry fee’ and all proceeds go towards your PDF fundraising goal

Remember: The Cure Begins with YOU!

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