Friday, October 1, 2010

WPC Posters: More CRLI Grads Present

As we chatted about in a previous post, the 2nd World Parkinson Congress includes two poster sessions, one led by researchers about the science and care of Parkinson's and another led by Parkinson's community members who have made efforts in their community to move the cause forward.

We profiled a few of PDF's CRLI graduates yesterday and wanted to update you on some other individuals who have presented their work. Check out Israel's poster on the left and a list of others who presented during the week.

Israel Robledo
Parkinson’s Outreach. Hope For Tomorrow. Help For Today
(Robledo, I)

Israel works to educate people living with Parkinson’s in Midland, TX about clinical trials and, along with his wife Chris, he recently established a local non-profit to cover the cost of Parkinson’s medications and clinical trial participation for his neighbors in need. His poster discusses his first year of work and the lessens he has learned. Israel says that his participation in the WPC is not only an opportunity to talk about his work, but also to learn about the programs of others around the globe. He remarks,

“Sometimes we [people living with Parkinson’s disease] just live in our little shells because we feel that the disease is beyond us. But it’s not. We can help ourselves and others, too.”

Girija Muralidhar
The Neurowriters’ Guide To The Peripatetic Pursuit Of Parkinson’s Disease (PD): A Preview
Muralidhar, G (United States); Wittekind, P (United States); Kell, P (United States); Huseman, K (United States); Wheeler, J (United States); Brooks, L (United States); Herman, L (United States); Citron, J (United States); Willocks, P (United States); Ashford, L (United Kingdom); Cummings, R (United States)

Jean Burns
Working And Crossing National And Cultural Boundaries To Spread Parkinson’s Awareness
Capitanio, F (Spain); Burns, JE (United States); Martinez, C (United States)

Kate Kelsall and Valerie Graham
Role Of Patient Support In Shaping Expectations And Decision Making With Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgery
Klepitskaya, O; Kelsall, K; Graham, VW; McRae, CA (United States)

Jean Burns
Grassroots Effort To Make The PD Tulip The National Symbol For Parkinson’s Awareness In The United States
Burns, JE (United States)

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It was a pleasure working with such a team.
Thanks to Jean Burns and Claudia Martinez.